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Scentsy Ace products - Closeout while supplies last!

Scentsy Ace products – Closeout while supplies last!

Ace has been discontinued, however the following products ARE available at Closeout prices WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!  Click BUY NOW to order a product below:

Ace Scentsy Bar

Ace Scentsy Bar: $4 BuyNowButton

Ace Layers Bath Tablet

Ace Scentsy Layers Bath Tablets: $8 BuyNowButton

Ace Layers Body Butter

Ace Scentsy Layers Body Butter: $9.60 BuyNowButton

Ace Layers Body Lotion

Ace Scentsy Layers Body Lotion: $8 BuyNowButton

Ace Layers Body Spray

Ace Scentsy Layers Body Spray: $6.40 BuyNowButton

Ace Layers Hand Soap

Ace Scentsy Layers Hand Soap: $4.80 BuyNowButton

Ace Layers Shower Cream

Ace Scentsy Layers Shower Cream:

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Scentsy Fragrance Free Laundry Liquid - Great for baby’s laundry!

Scentsy Fragrance Free Laundry Liquid – Great for baby’s laundry!


Whether you already have children running around your house, or you’re expecting your first, there’s no doubt that finding a safe, and irritant-free laundry soap is on your mind!  Scentsy might not come to mind – but, we have one of the safest, fragrance-free Laundry Liquids on the market today! [Order by clicking HERE!]

This Fragrance-Free version of Scentsy Laundry Liquid is hypoallergenic…

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I Mustache You a Scentsy Question…

I Mustache You a Scentsy Question…

MustacheFathersDay Okay – so maybe the Mustache Scentsy Warmer is actually perfect for EVERYONE, not just dads – but wouldn’t this make a great Father’s Day present?! I know I can’t wait to get mine! Orders for the Mustache Scentsy Warmer will begin processing on May 1, 2014.  In the meantime, email me at to pre-order your own Mustache Scentsy Warmer for just $27 [Regularly $30, 10% off…

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Scentsy BBMB Voting - April 2014

Scentsy BBMB Voting – April 2014


  It’s that time, again! Are you ready to vote your fingers off in the first-ever unlimited voting for Scentsy Bring Back My Bar?! Click HERE or click the banner above ^ to place your votes!  [Vote, wait 5 minutes, and then vote again - unlimited voting!] Don’t forget – email me amber@wattsofscents.comwith your Bring Back My Bar wishlist!  As soon as the top 20 Bars are announced, I will be…

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So, this is the @Scentsy Travel Tin I took to Hawaii in June of 2012 for our Incentive Trip, to use in the hotel room. Can you believe it’s still going strong, almost a YEAR later?! Yep - AMAZING! ;)

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